can guinea pigs eat silver beet?: vegetable nutrition facts


  1. lovemice

    The GuineaLynx is an excellent guinea pig medical and care site that has vegetable and fruit charts listing complete nutrition content. The site also lists which foods are best and which ones should be avoided. The links follow:

    Silver beet (swiss chard), however, is a cruciferous vegetable, and the GuineaLynx says to “Avoid or severely limit cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower as they may cause gas”. Please see the following link for details along with a site defining swiss chard as a cruciferous vegetable:

    I am adding a site that lists the different names for swiss chard in which silver beet is amongst them. The link is as follows:<br/&gt;

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can guinea pigs eat silver beet?: vegetable nutrition facts October 18, 2013